Game size: 400Mb
Year: 2021
Updated: 19.07.23
Versions: v.1.1.2 ES Rus/v.1.1.4 Bugfix Extended Eng
You lived with your father for a long time, but his sudden death changed everything. At his funeral, you notice a woman whom you immediately recognize – it’s your mother. Mixed emotions overwhelm you, and you’re unsure how to react. So much time has passed, and you feel awkward and hesitant about this unexpected encounter.
She approaches you and asks if you’d like to come back home, to be a family again and meet your sisters. It’s emotionally challenging to make a decision; you feel mixed feelings, doubts, and fear about the unknown future. However, somewhere deep inside, the warmth of past memories awakens, and you yearn for the idea of being a family again.
Now you have a choice – to say “yes” and open your heart to the possibility of reuniting with your family or to stay on your path, continue feeling shy, and not take the risk of changing your life. Your heart is wavering, but sometimes the most unexpected twists of fate can lead to the most beautiful adventures. Perhaps wonderful moments and amazing discoveries await you if you allow yourself to take a step into the unknown and open the door to a new chapter in your life.

Installation and play:
– Run the installation of the .apk file;
– Play.

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