Game size: 550Mb
Year: 2022
Updated: 07.09.23
Versions: v.0.03 Rus / v.0.05 Eng
The protagonist of our story is the Assistant Janitor of the world’s top dungeon, which also serves as his home. One day, he is given the mission of spying on a group of fresh adventurers who plan on destroying the dungeon. Accompanied by his childhood friend, a White Dragon girl, they travel to town to uncover the truth about these intruders. However, they are unaware of the complex events that will soon unfold and how it will change their lives forever.
As they delve deeper into their investigation, unexpected occurrences begin to mount, leading them all down a path towards an uncertain future. The challenges they face are far beyond anything they could have ever imagined, and the consequences of their actions may prove to be irreversible.

Installation and play:
– Run the installation of the .apk file;
– Play.